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The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away from Home, by Jennifer Huget; illustrated by Red Nose Studio. Schwartz & Wade, 2013.

The creative genius who is “Red Nose Studio” is illustrator Chris Sickels. Do I love Red Nose Studio because of the fabulous handmade 3-D illustrations, or because Chris rides a 1965 Harley Pacer?  Well, maybe both.

Chris has illustrated books for children, and a personal fav is The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away from Home, written by Jennifer Huget (Schwartz & Wade, 2013).

Chris uses all manner of widgets, cloth, wire, sprockets, you-name-it to create his art.  Check out this Vimeo to see Chris, his Pacer, and a tour of his Greenfield, Indiana, studio.

Also check out the Red Nose Studio website here.  Be sure to open the Creosote tab! What is creosote?  Chris will school you. Creosote is also the title of his short award-winning film that you can view on the site (age level?– you decide). Added bonus! There are FREE high-res images from the film that you can print, cut out, assemble, and use for your own scenes.



Oliver Jeffers is a favorite of mine, because of his illustrations and his unique storytelling style. Rather than try to describe his talents, I’m sharing a video so you can enjoy listening and seeing his book Stuck, read by Jeffers himself. Once you become stuck on Jeffers too, make sure you read some of his other books such as Heart and the Bottle, Lost and Found, and others. In just a couple of weeks there will be a new book illustrated by Jeffers– Boy Who Swam with Piranhas. This new one was written by the award-winning David Almond, so there is much anticipation.