ABOUT Brenda Dales

I teach courses and workshops related to children’s and young Bike#2adult literature at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (the cold Miami). I am addicted to children’s books, caramels, my computer, motorcycles, sports cars, gardening, and cheese with truffles in it. I also like good red wine, pretending to play my piano, writing, sushi (not sashimi), shopping and traveling (the last two are usually related). My favorite movie is Il Postino/The Postman, because of the importance of metaphor and poetry in the story. I can make the world’s best strawberry pie, and I have the unique and basically useless talent of being able to find four-leaf clovers whenever I want to. My two favorite things to do are ride my motorcycle and read, but I usually don’t do both at the same time.

I am currently a member of the ALA/ALSC Notable Children’s Book Committee– our list of notable books for children (up to age 14) published during 2016 will be announced in January, 2017!  My true passion is international children’s/YA literature, and I am a past chair of the “Outstanding International Books” committee of the United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY).  FYI: The 2016 list of outstanding international books (books published in 2015) as well as previous lists of outstanding international books, is available here. It is a joy to read books all year and participate in the selection of a final list of exciting, poignant, and wondrous books.

I am the sole owner and writer for this blog. I personally select all books and topics on the blog. I receive no pay for the blog and I am not affiliated with any booksellers including the big online booksellers, although several publishers send me books because of the committee work I do. All professional comments and personal opinions are mine alone.


I’m the one on the right.


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