Posted: August 22, 2012 in Fantasy, Graphic novels, Middle school books

Now that I have your attention (ahem), Pandemonium is the title of a new graphic novel by Chris Wooding and Cassandra Diaz. Seifer Tombchewer is the sophisticated yet bumbling hero of this “prince and the pauper”-type fantasy. All of Seifer’s missteps are the correct ones, however, and he emerges as the brilliant impersonator of the invader Prince Talon in his quest to restore stability to the realm. And to add another layer, Seifer must fool Talon’s glamorous fiancée, the Lady Asphyxia, as well. The art is full-color, and the writing is full of drama and humor, especially when the characters speak asides directly to the reader. My suggestion for grade-level reading would be middle school, with interest to high school students also.


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