What will YOUR pen write this year?

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Early Childhood books, Illustrators, Picture storybooks

The Obstinate Pen, by Frank W. Dormer

What if your pen had a mind of its own? Mrs. Pigeon-Smythe thought she wrote: “I, Mrs. Norkham Pigeon-Smythe, related to the Great King of Farflungdom, have lived a very lush life,” but the pen wrote: “Mrs. Floofy Pants has a spoon up her nose!” The pen had even more ideas about what should actually be put to paper, confusing Uncle Flood, and embarrassing Officer Wonkle (or not, perhaps). But Horace found a way to tame the petulant pen, in The Obstinate Pen, by Frank W. Dormer. Dormer’s pen didn’t appear to be obstinate when he created the illustrations, which showcase a lively pen and capture the personalities of its users (Dormer does use a pen, according to this interview). Hope your pen is a little more cooperative, or perhaps all you need is to take a lesson from Horace. And for those of us who are teachers, we might just think of methods to foster the alternative ways some of our students strive to make meaning . . .


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